The “Revolution in the Margins, 1917-2017” conference will take place on Friday, October 13, 2017 in The Skylight Room at The Graduate Center, CUNY. The Graduate Center is located at 365 Fifth Avenue in New York.


9:30AM | Coffee and Breakfast

10AM | Introductory Remarks

10:15AM | Provincializing Revolutionary Modernism, 1917-1953

Bay Lauris ByrneSim, Ph.D. Student, Harvard University. Paper: John Heartfield in Prague

Adri Kacsor, Ph.D. Student, Northwestern University. Paper: “The Working Men Have No Country, Except for in Russia and Hungary” – Bolshevism, Nationalism and the Hungarian Avant-garde in 1919

Joseph Henry, Ph.D. Student, The Graduate Center, CUNY. Paper: Tatlinism, or Hausmann’s Bluff

11:30AM | Discussion led by TBD

12PM | Lunch Break

12:45PM | Crises of Internationalism, 1956-1989

Deirdre Smith, Ph.D. Student, The University of Texas at Austin. Paper: “Umjetnik luta”: Goran Trbuljak’s Skills of Observation and Practices of Place

Kata Krasznahorkai, Research Fellow, University of Zurich. Paper: Freedom for Angela Davis! Black Power in the Records of the State Security on Happenings in Hungary in the 1970s

Nicoletta Rousseva, Ph.D. Student, University of Illinois, Chicago. Paper: Art’s Third Way: From Radical Abstraction to Revolutionary Algorithms in Tito’s Yugoslavia

2PM | Discussion led by Magdalena Moskalewicz, Lecturer in Art History, The School of The Art Institute of Chicago

2:30PM | The Global Turn and the Neoliberal Revolution, 1990s-2017

Barbora Bartunkova, Ph.D. Student, Yale University. Paper: Photography at the Margins: The Surreptitious Encounters of Miroslav Tichý and Miguel Ángel Rojas

Wiktor Komorowski, Ph.D. Candidate, The Courtauld Institute of Art. Paper: The 29th Biennial of Graphic Arts in Ljubljana and the Challenges of Post-Socialist Desert

Patricia Pfeifer, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Zurich. Paper: “You Go-Girls.” Negotiating the Post-Communist Condition in the Works of Vlatka Horvat and Marta Popivoda.

3:45PM | Discussion led by Katherine Carl, Curator, The James Gallery

4:15PM | Break

5PM | Keynote Address 

Klara Kemp-Welch, Lecturer in 20th Century Art, The Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London

Title: “Networking the Bloc:” Repositioning East European Experimental Art in a Global Field

5:45PM | Concluding Discussion Panel

Romy Golan (Moderator), Professor, Art History, The Graduate Center, CUNY

Klara Kemp-Welch, Lecturer, The Courtauld Institute of Art

Claire Bishop, Professor, Art History, The Graduate Center, CUNY

Katherine Carl, Curator, The James Gallery

Magdalena Moskalewicz, Lecturer, The School of The Art Institute of Chicago

Co-sponsored by the PhD Program in Art History at the Graduate Center, CUNY.

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